Zodiac Medallions

The Zodiac Medallions are a collection of artifacts of unknown origins. They have been recorded throughout history, first making their appearance in Ancient Greece. It is unclear from where the artifacts draw their power, but it is known that only a select group of lineages may use the powers attributed to the medallions. There are reported to be a total of thirteen medallions, and each seems somehow connected to one of the mythical Zodiac signs. These individuals are collectively called the Zodia.

Of the medallions, it is reported that the thirteenth has been locked away, as it is said to prove a threat to the world. While there are thirteen lineages that are connected by heredity to the medallions, each lineage is not restricted to a specific medallion. In fact, in the past a single individual has been able to collect more than one medallion, adding it’s granted abilities to their own. As a result of this, those that are in possession of a Zodiac Medallion tend to protect their Medallions from theft while attempting to gain additional medallions.

It is believed that if all twelve of the Medallions in circulation are collected, it will lead the possessor to the hidden thirteenth, granting exceptional power to the possessor.

The names of the medallions are:


The Aries Medallion
The Aries Medallion is one of the Zodiac Medallions and is linked to the Zodiacal sign of Aries. The Zodia possessing this medallion is said to be able to channel the Aspect of Aries. The medallion grants the powers of Pyrokinesis.

  1. The Taurus Medallion
  2. The Gemini Medallion
  3. The Cancer Medallion
  4. The Leo Medallion
  5. The Virgo Medallion
  6. The Libra Medallion
  7. The Scorpio Medallion
  8. The Sagittarius Medallion
  9. The Capricorn Medallion
  10. The Aquarius Medallion
  11. The Pisces Medallion
  12. The Ophiuchus Medallion

Zodiac Medallions

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