The Aspects are a fundamental primal force of unknown origin. It is believed that the power is granted by the Zodiac Medallion dates back to the time of Ancient Sumaria. The source of that power, however has been lost to antiquity. The human lineages, known as Zodia, twelve in all, are somehow tied to this primal power. It is unclear whether the power associated with each of the Thirteen medallions derives from a single power source, and are aspects of the same; or are individuals powers interrelated and working in unison.

Each aspect has a monstrous form, which offers incredibly resilience to injury, thaumaturgy and mental manipulation. The Aspects are somehow related to the Zodiac Sign that they are aligned with, taking on physical characteristics and abilities appropriate for their sign.

The physical resistances, and attributes contained with in the Aspects are not conveyed to the wielder of the Medallions while in normal human form. These are only gained when transforming to the Aspects personification. Interestingly there are twelve lines of Zodia, and each can use every Medallion. They need only be within its possession. The lines do not seem to be linked to a specific medallion or Aspect, except through possession of the Medallions.

It is believed that A Zodia can possess multiple medallions, thereby tapping into the inherent power of more than one of them. However, a Zodia can not assume more than a single aspect at a time.


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