Aphrodite Vago

Vaudeville Actress


Nationality: Greek
Languages: Greek, English, French, Italian
Age: 23


Aphrodite Evodia Vago born in Laconia, Greece on December 21, 1857 to Demetrios and Voleta Vago. The youngest of three children, she spent much of her her time with her older twin brothers Hephestus and Aries.

The family owned a modest Olive Orchard, and the family worked hard to harvest the olives to sell at the local marketplaces. They also made their own cold-pressed Olive oil. It became obvious at an early age that her older brothers would inherit both the grove and the presses, leaving her few options for a woman without means.

Perhaps sensing that their daughter needed more in her life, Aphrodite’s parents left her free to pursue whatever hobbies she liked. She moved to Paris, France in 1872, at age 15, where she studied art and dance. By the age of 17 she joined an international theater company that took her to London and New York. In 1875 she discovered Vaudeville and fell madly in love, with the challenges that it offered. Aphrodite began using Eve as her salacious stage name, as she adopted some of the more burlesque aspects of the stage into her routine.

It was around this time she met Archibald Burchild who introduced her to the scandalous Bohemian behavior he preferred. Together, the pair began working together in smaller vaudeville houses, supplementing their income by running scams on the side. They began collecting and selling information collected serepticiously to the highest bidder, and recovering valuable objects from unsuspecting patrons.

The pair lived a radical lifestyle, and eventually married to cover each other’s proclivities. Their partnership allowed the pair to became very successful on stage and off. Thier skill and finesse saw them becoming a sensation in social circles, providing them with opportunity to increase thier social influence

After a successful run in America, which ended in a dangerous encounter. They returned to Greece, opening their own house of secrets, in Athens, financed with their ill gotten gains and trusts. They employ J E Beau.

Aphrodite Vago

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