“Behold your Tormentor Priest! I shall make you renounce him and you shall do so willingly, then I shall release you from your suffering and grant you a new life beyond this one.”


Yomiel is often called the tormentor Demon. His Role was once that of an inquisitor within the realm of Heaven. It is believed that he was tasked with the purpose of tormenting the followers of Lucifer after their fall from Grace. It is for this reason that Yomiel is often associated with sadists, torturers and other powers that promote anguish and suffering.

Indications seem strong that Yomiel prefers to inhabit those people that already bear a vicious streak. He prefers those already willing to inflict pain and agony. For this reason he is often believed to inhabit the bodies of Sadists, Psychopaths and Serial Killers.

Yomiel is known to prefer to prey upon those of the faith. Among the debaucheries that seem most likely attributed to him include murderous attacks of religious missionaries, rapes and desecration of nuns and nunneries, as well as the mutilations of religious persons, especially those of Roman Catholic belief.
It is possible that Yomiel may have been involved in some religious purges in Russia, China and other pro-communist states. Being staunchly opposed to religious persons, Yomiel is not an unlikely culprit in such attacks, and may expand his activities to include non-Judeo-Christian religious groups such as Taoists, Hindus or Shintoists.

Yomiel has been encountered on several occasions throughout history and is believed to be a major player in the implementation of the Spanish inquisition and the Auto de Fays of Central America during the Spanish conquests of the new world. He has never been captured, although on multiple occasions he has come very close.

He seems to prefer to avoid direct conflict with powerful entities and prefers to prey upon the weak and faithfully vulnerable. It is believed that he may make use of new age cults and similar groups to mask his presence.

His powers include creating unbridled blood lust and providing unbelievable physical attributes to those he possesses. His true form remains was revealed in 1880 during an encounter with the Aegis Society at the national Gallery in London. He possesses digi-grade legs, saber-tooth like tusks, a gaping maw in his chest and a wicked spiked tail. He is a large and strong form, capable of incredible feats of strength. His jaw is capable of hinging open 180- degrees.

Also Known as: Jomiel


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