Descendant of Boro


Age: 22
Nationality: Ashanti Tribe
Languages: Twi, Ewe, Dagbani, Dangme, Ga, Nzema, Kasem, Gonja, English, Dutch, Portugese, Greek

“I will tell you a story as my father told me and his father told him back to a time when barely a bird could be told from a monkey; before Agala perfected his craft.”

“Three men of a clan whose name was lost to us came across the Cup of Okeilea the cloaked god. The cup that that granted the knowledge of hunting, of agreeing, and of remembering- conferring to the Orishas the greatest of traits. The vessel had been stolen by Elegua and hidden beneath the running water and the black mud and the air. Upon finding this vessel Okeilea granted the boon of a sip to each of the three men and admonished the men to take the cup and protect it from the whiles of man and Orishas.”

“This cup, a symbol of His favor, has been guarded by the arms and teeth of the Aduana-baso clan. Clever Magoro , fleet Boro, and wise Kalu grew to men and lead their tribe to ascendancy. Strong of gold and strong of arms; Baso tribe even now supports the king of the Ashanti. The gifts granted to them was more than a boon, it became a Hereditary gift and the descendants of the three great leaders would each in time develop into the skills granted to the forefathers.”

“Through the centuries, the descendants would take a role in the development of the tribes. In times of war the descendant of Boro, would lead the war parties against the enemies of the tribes, also aiding in time of famine; the descendants of Kalu would counsel Kings and great leaders, recording the histories of the smallest man in Africa; while the descendants of Magoro would act as diplomats, assisting in the resolution of conflicts and maintaining peace or bringing peace between enemies.”


Yao, Descendant of Boro, is an important figure among the Ashanti people. He is the direct descendant of one of the three great men of Antiquity, who each received a boon from the Cup of Okeilea, specifically the Knowledge of Hunting and War.

Yao often acted in the capacity as hunter, always moving from Village to village during his childhood, where he and his father provided much needed nourishment to those in need. As part of their duties to the peoples of the lands, they taught hunters their trade, and even taught hunters to become warriors.

Yao grew up with his cousins, Nagaro and Onkwani, who also bore the boon of the cup. Whe Yao’s father died, he assumed the position of Great Hunter.


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