Tassos Roubanis

Lord of the Admiralty


Tassos Roubanis is a War Hero, who lost his wife several years ago, while he was imprisoned in an Ottoman Prison. Tassos was the captain of the most successful Greek Privateer the Allegro, one of the newest Boston shipyard Schooners at the time.

As her captain, without any formal naval training, Tassos quickly proved a natural at Naval strategy. As there was no official Greek Navy, the Allegro took on the roll of Privateer. During the three years as a privateer, Tassos was responsible for the destruction of six Ottoman warships, the capture of twelve Ottoman merchant ships, and conducted successful raids on four Ottoman shipyards.

He was captured during one such raid on a shipyard, when he fell prey to an elaborate trap. He spent a year in an Ottoman Prison in Ankara, before eventually being released.

He currently operates all 12 ships he captured during the war as part of his private shipping company. He also still owns the Allegro, which is the only armed private vessel in the Greek merchant fleet. His exploits have made him something of a Greek National Hero. He currently serves as the Lord of the Admiralty, although there are very few ships in the Greek fleet at this time.


Tassos Roubanis

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