Descendant of Magoro


Onkwani, Descendant of Magoro, is an important figure among the Ashanti people. He is the direct descendant of one of the three great men of Antiquity, who each received a boon from the Cup of Okeilea, specifically the Knowledge of Agreeing.

Growing unhappy with the diplomatic attempts to appease the British and Dutch operating in an around Ashanti Territory, Onkwani withdrew from diplomatic services in the service of the Ashanti King. Eventually, he would come under the influence of Oliver Cromwell, and would negotiate an alliance between the Denarii and himself, in order to better protect his people’s heritage against the British onslaught.

As a result of this agreement, he stole the Cup and joined forces with Cromwell in return for assistance in stemming the tide of British incursions into Ashanti lands.


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