Harvey Smith



Harvey Smith was born in American in 1859. He was a young man during the American Civil war, living in the Southern Satte of Mississippi. Well educated, Harvey had planned to be a doctor in his childhood, but years of southern repatriation by victorious Union soldeirs left his family bankrupt.

harvey left home at the age of 18, where he made his way west. In the arizona territories he found himself working for a number of cattle barons, driving herds, and dealing with rustlers. Eventually, his skill as a rough and ready fighter was noticed and he became a gun-for-hire working for a number of railroad and ranch barons.

Eventually, he became a wanted man, and decided to travel to Europe. There he ended up joining the Greek war of independence and eventually became an enforcer for a Toy manufacturing company. He has assisted in the break-up of several workers strikes, as well as dealing with bandits and outlaws threatening the small community that he helps administer as constable.

Harvey Smith

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