Chang Lee

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Chang Lee was born in a small Chinese village outside the city of Nanjing, his afther was a minor government official, so as a result Chang Lee had access to formal education. When he turned 15, he became the assistant to the foreign trade minister of China, but quickly discovered that there was little trade with the west and found the work boring and unrewarding.

By the time he was 17, trade with the west had been forced upon China as a result of gunboat diplomacy actions, and Chang found himself suddenly in a position to profit from his years of hard work. Finding his mentor to be a dodgy old man, Chang began to conduct corrupt deals behind his back, making himself a great deal of wealth. This lead to the eventual discovery of corruption by the government, and Chang’s mentor was executed. As for Change, he fled China, ending up in Mongolia and began to work his way west along the traditional silk road.

Over the course of several years Chang learned over a dozen languages and established a somewhat legitimate trading business along the route between China and Constantinople. There in the ottoman Empire, he met Lady Content Not Found: renette-villfort a widower who possessed control of a vast east-west trading company.

Seeing an opportunity, Chang joined her company, expanding both their fortunes, and Chang eventually grew to manage the business. Over the years the two have become very close friends and allies.

While living in Paris, Villefort was recruited to join the Aegis Society, Chang became a member years later with the founding of the new Athens headquarters.

Chang Lee

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