Aslef was a concubine in the court of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V. She was brought into the harem at the early age of 16. She was one of the Sultan’s favorites, and was a star in the harem.

She is trained in diplomacy, art, music and dancing. Additionally, she is Fluent in Turkish, Arabic, English and French. As she became better educated, she began to push for more women’s rights in Ottoman society, and when she openly supported Greek freedom, she fell from favor. eventually her position was regulated to just another one of the sultan’s many wives.

As she became more outspoken, the Sultan’s irritation grew. Eventually, he had her shipped to the markets in Constantinople and eventually into Africa, where she was to be sold. She was rescued by a British explorer and has decided to join him on his European exploits.

She is now 30-years old.


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