Archibald Burchild

Vaudeville Actor


Archibald Burchild, or Archie, is an accomplished vaudevillian actor and stage manager. In his heyday, he was a top billing dancer, actor and comedian in North America. He began his career in Canada, but quickly established himself in the United States. His career was short-lived however, as he found himself unable to complete with motion pictures, at a level that would support his desired lifestyle.

After a scandal broke concerning his promiscuous nature, Archie, moved to the east coast, where he ran the vaudeville and Broadway circuit as a second string actor/dancer. Eventually he married and began to operate in more salacious theaters.

Eventually he married and moved to Europe, where he had a revival in his career. Eventually he and his wife settled in Athens, Greece, where they own and operate a variety show theater.


Archibald Burchild

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