Aeric Falkenberg



Aeric Falkenberg is an engineer and surveyor by training. He was born January 19, 1820, in Berlin. At the age of 20 he graduated from Wittenburg University with an engineering degree. For the following five years, he worked a variety of small civil engineering jobs and surveying jobs.

While these were not really anything to speak of, he eventually found himslef offered a job with a surveying party working for the British in 1845. The survey was commissioned to find passable routes for a roadway and/or railway through the Himalayan Mountains.

The survey team consisted of 10 surveyors, 2 engineers and a squad of soldiers. The first year, several of the members of the team perished as a result of bandit raids, treacherous mountain crossings and inclement weather. despite these losses the expedition persisted.

In the second year of the expedition, the suriving members found themselves trapped in a blizzard at altitude. Every member of the expedition was thought to have perished on that mountain and the surveying mission was thought lost.

Thirty-five years later however, Aeric Falkenberg was found by Cyprus Archer living in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. Cyprus convinced him to return with him to Athens, where he joined the Aegis Society at the request of Renette Villefort.


Aeric Falkenberg

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